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Our roots

14 years after opening our doors, we are still working with clients we met in that first year, who have brought us with them as their careers have progressed to new roles, new companies and new therapeutic areas. Not only have these partnerships fueled our growth, they have helped to define what we are looking for in all of our client partnerships.

Expertise on both sides of the fence


The AdPharm gets better clinical insights and relationships with your customers, which enables stronger strategic direction and innovation that works.

Synapse MedCom benefits from creative collaboration to generate work with more visual appeal to brand the unbranded.

Your brand benefits beyond the sum of the parts. That is our value equation. Insights to Innovation.

Phamily pharm over phactory pharm

adpharm has a home-grown team of leaders with global-agency backgrounds who have come together over the past decade to create what we have at adpharm today: a culture that embraces innovation, collaboration and the opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of patients.

Our Services

Insights are the lifeblood of our industry. And while this may be true of all industries, the complexity of healthcare demands more detail, more data, and more expertise than most.

Since acquiring our sister company, Synapse MedCom in 2012, the ability to collaborate and share skills has not only allowed us to work more effectively - but it has also resulted in more cohesive experiences for our target audiences throughout the brand lifecycle.





Latin: Omni - all, universally. Channel - a means of communication or expression. Doing what’s best for the brand by thinking without limitations in execution.

This means having the ability to leverage the full power of digital across all communication streams:

Non-Personal Promotion

  • Insight generation
  • Brand planning facilitation and participation
  • Audience segmentation
  • SWOT and strategic imperative development and tactical recommendations
  • Brand identity (corporate, product and patient programs)
  • Net new creative and global creative adaptation
  • Key message development
  • Visual aids
  • Direct mail / Leave behinds
  • Video presentations / podcasts
  • Treatment algorithms / dosing calculators
  • Promotional advertising
  • Websites
  • Patient kits
  • Counselling tools and instructional materials
  • Posters and in-office 3D models
  • Websites
  • Patient support portals
  • Patient video recommendations
  • Press releases
  • PR activities
  • Social media

Rep-Driven Promotion

  • POAs
  • Digital training tools
  • Objection handling strategy
  • Advanced selling skills training
  • Role playing and team building workshops
  • Meeting theming, staging / decor and event management
  • Accredited CME*
  • OLA
  • Chart Audits
  • Train the Trainer*
  • Web Tools
  • Internal Training*

*live and online

  • Guidelines
  • Manuscripts
  • Symposia activity
  • Medical slide decks
  • Conference abstracts and posters
  • Conference reports and newsletters
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Advisory boards*
  • Speaker bureaus/programs*
  • Ambassador programs*

*live and online

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